The Norwegian Co-operative Centre was established 1 January 2008 as a centre for information, documentation and advice. We advise on co-operatives as a business model, and we give information about the scope and importance of co-operatives in Norway as well as in an international context. Our activities are courses, conferences, printed information material and information by our web-site. Our award, "Co-operative of the Year" has been established to create interest in co-operatives as a business model and to promote the forming of new co-operatives.

A member organization

Membership is open to all types of co-operatives and associations representing co-operatives. The Norwegian Co-operative Centre represents today a wide variety of sectors - consumer, agriculture, housing, fisheries, credit union/banking/finance, insurance, transport, health care, consultancy services and leisure activities.  

Our founding organizations

Since 2008, 26 new members have joined us: